100 Business Cards for $7.50 Free Shipping! Sounds good but is it?

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You have seen the Like buttons. You have heard the commercials on the radio. Now they are even on TV! This great offer 100 business cards for $7.50. On the surface it seems attractive. We have something for you to consider. You are planning on being successful so you will need more business cards. How much have you spent when you get to the point that you have ordered 1000 business cards. Over time that is $75 for 1000 business cards. At AOMPrint.ca our Standard Business cards are printed on a better heavier stock, printed 4 colour BOTH sides. You can have a full bleed at no extra cost ( that is full colour right to the edge). We do not advertise our business on the back of your card. That should be for your message to your customer, not ours. You are supporting a local business, in your community. Just because it is a small quantity that you think you might initially need doesn’t mean it is a good deal. Keep in mind that in the end you may be paying more for that small order. I know a better Like button you can hit. Like AOMPrint.ca. Serving Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto for 38 years!

Standard Business Cards

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