How Long Does It Take?

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How long from your great idea does it take you to get it designed and on paper, converted to social media blocks and in the mail.

Many small business owners shy away from design services. They see it as an added expense to their already tight budget. Instead your spending extra hours creating design assets in-house. You have exhausted your knowledge. It takes you 3 times longer to create the right digital artwork for your brand. The result? An amateur collection of mediocre designs ultimately harming your brand image and sales potential. An investment in good design can make a world of difference. Its time take your business’s reputation to the next level? Time to develop your brands identity, differentiate yourself from your competitors. Convert your vision into beautiful creative and functional designs in less time. Get that great idea out the door!

Using a graphic designer with your printer to boost your marketing strategy. Great graphic design provides visually striking art to promote your brand, build awareness and drive sales. Leaving you the time to focus on the other areas of your business you are good at.

Grow Your Business
The shift to online business has changed the print industry. Yet, print marketing remains a strong vehicle for brand awareness and sales. Our brains are hard-wired to pay more attention to it. 74% of Canadian consumers notice advertising in print form.

Business Cards
Every interaction is an opportunity to promote your business. Except, names are quickly forgotten once the conversation has ended. A business card in hand acts as both a reminder and branding campaign. Next level specialty cards, with unique features, can leave a lasting impression on their recipient. A card matching the website creates continuity from first interaction to their visit. Direct the receiver to your social and web presence. Distribute your card wherever possible like local business group meetups.

Flyers & Brochures
You have a few moments to grab people’s attention. Flyers & brochures typically include detailed information and PHOTOS of your products or services. A person first looks at the design before they commit to reading its information. Design to grab their attention is very important. Make them want to read it but only add enough that they need to find out more. They need to contact you! Flyers & brochures act the same as a business card — except larger. The right graphic design can capture their attention but leave enough direct them to find out more by contacting you.

Imagine if someone handed you a booklet instead of a business card. With great photos that say I NEED THIS! Giving a taste of what the consumer/purchaser in a booklet can have but just enough that they need to call, write, and find out more!

Keep It Simple

Coupons & Offers
Certain people love a coupon to get them started. Depending on your brand. The right Graphic Design services can set your products apart from others. Build customer loyalty, Increased conversion Sell old stock. Consider including coupons in mailers. You can also send them to verified customers at moments when they’ll likely need the offer again. This helps keeping customers loyal while moving stock & reaching sales goals. Consider and develop joint ventures by pairing with a related business. The coupon gives discounts while cross-promoting offers from within your referral network.

Signs & Banners
Signs & banners are low-tech, low-cost marketing assets. With the right design they help build your brand and offer awareness and enhance the shopping experience.

Convert Art for Social Media
Facebook : Instagram : YouTube : Twitter : LinkedIn
Always when creating the physical products your Graphic Designer can create Digital products for cross promotion on social media. This ties your brand together. These designs and campaigns become new banners and advertisements. A person finding a website develops instant brand recognition when designs reflect what they saw on a flyer, brochure, or business card as well as when they see it in social media and share it with their friends and colleagues.

Web Blog & Email Newsletter Marketing
The design process gives an opportunity to update your blog & newsletter. This also applies to the email marketing campaign. You could re-use the print material in email newsletters or brand your emails.
Your brochures & catalogs, could digitize and embedded on a website or digital storefront.

Ready to take your design, print & web to the next level?

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