Mail is the best way to connect directly with potential and current customers. A Mail piece becomes more personal than a handout, more credible than a social media ad, more visually appealing than an email, and more comfortable than a phone call, making mail advertising the strongest tool for direct advertising available.

Digital or not Digital?

There is no reason to choose between offline and online advertising. All advertising media can be integrated into a single strategy. Online and offline teams can share content, customer lists, and data. However, one necessary choice is how much of your budget you should allocate to tangible advertisements.


The Advantages of Advertising by Mail

Direct mail advertising works! According to statistics collected by Canada Post:

  • 87% of Canadians will open mail addressed to them personally, and 94% will open mail from a company they know
  • 65% of people have made a purchase based on direct mail
  • 52% of redeemed coupons were received through mail advertising
  • 90% of companies say that direct mail is a great method to reach them for business-to-business sales opportunities

There are several reasons that direct mail is so effective. The first is that the letter is a tangible object. It shows a financial commitment by the advertiser, communicating that the recipient’s business is valued. A tangible object is also more likely to be considered. While emails can be deleted with a single click, or may even be caught in a spam trap, a letter needs to be physically put in the trash. Most people are hesitant to toss an envelope out without at least reading it. The third reason is that people like getting mail! Nobody likes an empty mailbox, and even mail from a company is better than no mail at all or better than bills!