We will expertly manage your marketing and direct m
ail campaigns.

  • Lettershop
  • Data Processing
  • Direct Mail with Canada Post
  • Door to Door Distribution
  • Postal Services Review

Backed by more than 36 years of experience in the industry, we will help you navigate the many postal regulations, lettershop processes and distribution areas available to find the one best suited delivery to your timeline and budget. We utilize a SERP recognized address management software to prepare your mailings for Canada Post Sortation.

Postal Services Review

Is your company paying more than they have to for postage?  Are discounted postage rates available for your mailings? Should you handle mailings in-house or outsource to a specialist? We can review your mailing profile and propose changes to reduce both postage and processing costs. We will also work with Canada Post on your behalf to qualify mail pieces for discounts. With constantly changing rules and regulations, make sure your company is compliant as well as taking advantage of preferential postage rates.