Top 5 Ways to Have Print Help your Social Media Engagement

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Build Credibility, Stand Out and Define.

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A well-rounded marketing campaign with online and offline material are more important than ever. Customers are hard to find and engage. Some prefer to get information from newspapers and magazines, some turn to websites and social networks. You can’t reach everyone if you focus only on a single marketing channel. Engaging with customers through various mediums will build trust and credibility. At first glance, it might seem difficult to pair traditional and social media marketing. However, there are many ways the two can build off of each other. Not sure where to start? Check out these five tips to merge print into your business.

1. Direct Mail

Why?  Because it works!

The Garden Girls Direct Mail

Research indicates that your marketing campaign is more powerful and engaging when you include direct mail in the mix. Direct mail allows you to get your message directly into people’s hands. Balance your Social Media with Direct Mail. The shelf life of your message will be longer, as people typically save mail so they can refer back to it. Unlike email, it is less likely to get lost among all of the junk people receive each day. What Gets People To Buy What They Buy?  To see the effect of combining direct mail with digital advertising, Canada Post and Ipsos conducted a neuromarketing study that measured emotional response, for results that provided more predictive insights. Overall, the study showed that integrated campaigns drove more attention, higher brand recall, and a stronger emotional response than single-media campaigns. We call this the connectivity effect.

Use your direct mail to invite people to follow you on social media or advertise a special event. Ask customers to follow you on social media and give them a discount when they do it. You can use information from your social media analytics  to create your direct mail pieces. Include testimonials from your reviews or data on the number of shares or downloads on an offer as a way to boost your credibility. You can also use the customer information to determine the demographic of people who should receive your direct mailing. You may wish to target people who don’t share characteristics with your social media market; this allows you to target entirely different audiences through marketing channels that are best suited for them.

2. Booklets/Catalogues

Showcase Your Work!

The Garden Girl Booklets

Recently while presenting a quotation to a condo board meeting I had quickly put together a booklet/catalogue of our work over the past year. Having our actual work in their hands at the time of the quote benefited the success of the quotation 100%. With print catalogs regaining popularity, this is a great time to complement the strategy the power of social media. Send a catalog to anyone who signs up via Facebook or your Blog will save money from sending catalogs to people who don’t want them. It will also help you build a mailing list comprised of people genuinely interested in your products or services  –  because they opted in through social media. Be sure to include all of your social media handles in your catalog, too. That way, people who receive it from a friend or with an order will learn about your social media profiles and follow you. Let readers know that if they want to see more great content, they can follow you on social media.


3. Postcards

Small Space. Big impact!

TurfNDirt Postcards
Found It!

When uniquely designed, Postcards are a highly effective and efficient way to reach people. Whether you are promoting a business or announcing a new product or location Postcards help you spread the word in style. The perfect platform for notifying customers of your event, grand opening’s invitations or company announcements. A powerful marketing strategy is to promote your company website or social media channels via direct-mail postcards. Motivate your customers to quickly respond to your postcard with a time-limited discount code which will allow you to easily track the response rate and return on investment. Emailing Marketing has become a fashionable method of marketing as it is quick and direct, but it is becoming more and more popular to skip by company emails without even a glance. Postcards encourage a more physical engagement with your customers which helps to create a better response.

 #4 Flyers/Leaflets/Brochures

Command attention with Flyers/Leaflets/Brochures! 

The Garden Girls Flyer

A full suite of well-designed business and marketing materials enhances a professional, organized business environment. With so many sizing and paper options available, you are able to create quality flyers that are custom suited to any need They are a canvas that allows you to communicate, advertise, advise, and connect with customers, companies or fan bases. Using colourful Flyers/Leaflets/Brochures is always a great way to catch the eye of your audience, but it is also important to have a clear function of what you want the flyer to tell the viewer. All marketing print material should have a strong call-to-action to encourage existing and potential customers to visit your website or social media channels. A good way to link your print to digital is by adding special URLs to the flyer to help promote website conversions.


#5 Business Cards

Stand Out And Be Memorable!

The Garden Girls Business Card
TurfNDirt High Gloss Business cards

Leaving your prospect with a high quality, professionally designed business card is the final touch to launch a great business relationship. They help to set the tone for your company, not just to make an important first impression to customers, but to create a long lasting one too. Business Cards are a simple marketing method to encourage people to engage further with your company, but it is important to show them that you are human too. People don’t like doing business with companies, they like doing business direct with people, so add at least one social media profile to your card and show potential customers you want to engage with them. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn, your business card will provide an excellent opportunity to invite potential customers to connect with you online via social media.


My Final Thoughts

Direct Marketing Ahead

One of the most important parts of a marketing strategy is diversity. Combining print and social media marketing will allow you to reach a broader audience and grow your brand. Be sure to treat your social media platforms the same as your website and other marketing materials, in that all posts must be proofread, support your brand’s mission and reach your customers. If you aren’t sure what to do or don’t have the time to dedicate, consider working with an expert to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing.

Merging print and social media might sound difficult now, but with the help of these five tips, using them together will become second nature.




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